Aboriginal Justice Inquiry Child Welfare Initiative
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The Manitoba Metis Federation, Inc.,

(as represented by the President),


- and -

Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of Manitoba

(as represented by the Minister of Family Services and Housing

and the Minister of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs),



  1. The parties agree that a process shall be established to implement changes in the delivery of child and family services programs in Manitoba based upon the Child Welfare Recommendations as set forth in the Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba (1991) (AJI Report).
  2. The parties acknowledge that they are governed by The Child and Family Services Act and The Adoption Act in the delivery of child and family services and programs in Manitoba in accordance with the Declaration of Principles as set forth in The Child and Family Services Act, as well as the Purpose of The Adoption Act as set forth in section 3 thereof.
  3. It is acknowledged that the delivery of child and family services and programs to Metis people within Manitoba must occur in a manner which respects their unique status, as well as their cultural and linguistic heritage.
  4. The family is sacred and the first resource for the well-being of children.
  5. The parties acknowledge that the Metis people have a right to control the delivery of child and family services and programs for their respective community members.
  6. The parties acknowledge that solutions developed locally with respect to both the delivery of child and family services and programs, as well as adoption services are the most effective and practical approach towards ensuring self-determination and healthy communities.

NOW THEREFORE THE PARTIES hereby agree to adopt the process as hereinafter described towards achieving the following objective.


1.1 The parties acknowledge that Metis people shall be responsible for the delivery of the full range of services under The Child and Family Services Act, as well as adoption services under The Adoption Act to Metis people residing in Manitoba.


2.1 The parties shall enter into a separate arrangement, hereinafter referred to as the "Child and Family Services Protocol," that will provide the framework for a joint implementation process leading to the establishment of a province-wide child and family services mandate for Metis people.


This MOU shall be effective from the date of execution and will remain in effect for a three (3) year period (the term).

3.1 This MOU shall be reviewed annually by the parties during the term in order to assess the progress of the Child and Family Services Protocol.


4.1 The parties may revise this MOU during the term hereof in writing.
4.2 Any party may terminate this MOU upon three (3) months written notice to the other party.
4.3 Nothing in this MOU is intended to preclude bilateral discussions or the reaching an agreement on any matter of mutual interest between MMF and Manitoba.
4.4 The parties acknowledge that this MOU is not a legally binding instrument but rather a common resolve to establish a joint implementation process, referred to as the Child and Family Services Protocol, in a manner that is consistent with the objective as set forth in paragraph 1.1.
4.5 Any notice or other communication to any of the parties hereto under this MOU shall be in writing, and shall be delivered personally to each of the parties, or an officer thereof, or sent by registered mail, postage prepaid or by facsimile transmission, to:
  MMF at:

Manitoba at:

150 Henry Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3B 0J7
Fax: (204) 947-1816

201 – 114 Garry Street, Winnipeg MB R3C 4V5
Fax: (204) 945-6717




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