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The Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP)

The Detailed Implementation Plan or DIP described the numerous steps necessary to complete the process of implementing the new system. The DIP was developed by building on:

  • The AJI-CWI Conceptual Plan
  • Findings from the AJI-CWI public feedback process, conducted in Autumn 2001
  • Ongoing planning work among the four partners

The DIP was a “rolling document” that provided the comprehensive framework for planning and implementing the new system. The understanding that the DIP was a “rolling document” acknowledged that it would need to be amended from time to time to reflect changing circumstances. Changes or amendments were made through consensus among all four partners.

The original DIP was a highly technical document consisting of over 200 pages. There were 20 sub-projects, or major tasks, in the DIP.


Sub-Project Status
Authority Development  
Development of the Metis Authority Complete
Development of the First Nations South Authority Complete
Development of the First Nations North Authority Completed
Development of the General Authority Completed
Service Transition  
Authority Determination Process (ADP) Completed
Service Transfers Completed
Human Resources  
Labour Adjustment Strategy Completed
Education and Training Completed
Direct Services  
Winnipeg Intake Completed
Non-Winnipeg Intake Completed
Foster Care Completed
Abuse Services Completed
Group 2 Resources (Residential Care by External Agencies) Underway
Office of the Children’s Advocate (OCA) Underway
System Governance and Supports  
Executive Support Unit Completed
Leadership Council and Standing Committee Completed
Legislation Underway
Funding Underway
Management Information Systems Completed
Change Management Completed

By clicking on the link below, you can obtain a copy of a summary of the DIP in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

Summary of the Detailed Implementation Plan

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