Aboriginal Justice Inquiry Child Welfare Initiative
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Strategic Design Principles

  1. There will be a common process to develop the implementation plan to restructure the system;
  2. The distinct rights and authorities of First Nations and Metis peoples and the general population will be province-wide;
  3. Each CFS Authority requires a skilled and appropriate workforce; and each has the right to define 'skilled', 'appropriate' and the criteria through which the workforce is hired;*
  4. Services, administrative and financial resources in the child and family service system will be distributed in a way that achieves equitable funding and parity of service throughout the province;
  5. There shall be a method for determining which Authority or agency can provide the most culturally appropriate services for a child and/or a family;
  6. Intake services will be coordinated; there will be timely first response; and the intake system will ensure that no child is at risk because of gaps between the mandates or operations of agencies;
  7. Each Authority will provide the full range of services and functions as outlined in The Child and Family Services Act and The Adoption Act;
  8. Child and family services records and processes need to be computerized; and there will be common registries for the whole system;
  9. The system of services delivered by mandated child and family services agencies shall protect and honour children by building and empowering community, family and personal capacity through the delivery of holistic, restorative, integrated, preventive, supportive and protective services.
* The province will work cooperatively with the Authorities to develop a competent workforce and maintains the capacity to ensure standards in this regard.


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