Aboriginal Justice Inquiry Child Welfare Initiative
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Working Groups

To address seven major technical areas specific to the restructuring process, the Joint Management Committee struck seven Working Groups in September 2000. These Working Groups included:

  1. Research;
  2. Interjurisdictional/ Intersectoral;
  3. Human Resources;
  4. Finance;
  5. Legal/ Legislative;
  6. Service Delivery; and
  7. Technology.

Their scope and general statement of work was to:

  • research and analyze existing features of the Child and Family Services System that will be affected by the restructuring;
  • prepare and present options for redesigning and restructuring the system; document and model the principal aspects of the restructured system;
  • present options and/or strategies for managing organizational and human resource change; and
  • prepare reports and recommendations for the Implementation Committee.

Each of the seven Working Groups submitted their final report and recommendations to the Implementation Committee on December 31, 2000.


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